The Rhino Shield Application Process

The Rhino Shield application involves a thorough process on every job.

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Wondering what it is like to paint your home for the last time? We show you every step involved so you can virtually experience the entire process. You will learn how a professional coating is done properly, the quality materials involved, and the exceptional service that gives your home the kind of advanced exterior our customers rave about.


Thorough Inspection

We inspect all of the area to be coated and devise a plan to complete the project. Note which areas need “special attention”. Re-nail any loose nails and siding boards. Make an inventory of any wood that needs replaced, stucco needing repair, etc.

Once the inspection is complete, we will be able to provide you with a detailed estimate for the project. If the project exceeds your budget, we will offer you options to help you bring those costs down to fit within your spending range. This first step helps ensure you won’t be met with any unpleasant surprises once the project is complete.

Repair/Replace Siding

We repair and replace all siding materials with the exact type of material as is on your home.  Our goal is to bring the surface back to its original condition.

This is an important step in the project because the new siding will reinforce the integrity of your home. 

Weak materials will be removed and replaced with stronger wood planks that will last longer. Once the sealant is added in a later step, all of the siding on your home will provide greater protection against wind, rain, and other forceful weather conditions.


Hand Scraping

All loose paint and debris is hand scraped and removed.  Our goal is to provide a clean bondable surface for the primer to be applied to.

Our crew will go over every inch of your house to look for loose outdoor paint that needs to be removed. This inspection will help us ensure we can paint a smooth surface to allow better bonding between the paint and your home’s wood. 

Hand scraping will also ensure the surface is smoother since a smoother surface will give your home a better appearance once the project is complete.


We fill small cracks and holes in the siding.  We caulk all vertical joints.  We ensure the caulking around window and doors is done properly to reduce air infiltration. We do not caulk underneath the laps as this limits ventilation.  We use a high quality elastomeric acrylic caulk to ensure longevity and flexibility.

Our team ensures caulk is applied everywhere there’s a chance of an air leak. The caulk will help you control your indoor temperature more accurately, in addition to helping to protect your siding from moisture damage. In this way, caulking will help your siding last longer.



All loose paint and debris is hand scraped and removed. Our goal is to provide a clean bondable surface for the primer to be applied to.

Before we begin adding the primer, Rhino Shield undertakes a comprehensive masking process to protect your home. 

This process involves covering windows, doors, frames, flashing, and other components with tape and plastic. The process ensures these areas are not accidentally painted. As a result, the completed project is free of mistakes that might detract from your home’s beauty.

Apply Adhesive Primer Sealer

The primer is sprayed on to seal, waterproof, and provide a bonding agent for the finish coat.  Our primer has a proprietary formula that includes fungicides, algaecides and mildewcides.  Thus reducing future mold and mildew.  It is white in color when applied and dries to a clear, tacky finish.

The primer-sealer is essential in any exterior home painting project to protect the wood since wood is a porous material. Primer covers the surface to add a barrier against moisture and other environmental hazards. The sealant typically dries quickly, which means painting the primary coat can begin within a day or two.


Apply Finish Coat

At last, after all the prep work and priming is completed, the ceramic top-coat is applied.  This layer can be tinted to your choice of 1500 colors. The top-coat is sprayed at a rate of approximately 100 square feet per gallon or greater to achieve the optimal mil thickness.  In some areas, brushing and rolling may be required.  Porous surfaces may require back rolling.

Detail Touch Up

After the finish coat has been thoroughly applied, we touch up the detailed areas and tight space areas.

Our home painting crew will meticulously inspect every inch of your home to identify areas that need to be touched up with an additional coat of paint. If there are holes or other imperfections in your home’s siding, this is the best time to spot those issues. We will seal those imperfections and add a second coat of paint to complete the look.


Clean Up

Once the finish coat had dried, we remove all masking materials.  Dropcloths are removed. Any shrubbery that was tied off is undone. Paint chips are clean up and even shop vacuumed if necessary.  Our goal is to return your surroundings to the same condition as before we arrived.

Final Inspection

We’re not done until you’re completely satisfied with our work!

We will tour the exterior of your home with you to identify any issues you have with the final results. If you see areas that need additional touching up or find anything that doesn’t meet your standards, we will be happy to address those areas. 

Our team wants to ensure you are completely satisfied with the finished results of your home’s exterior renovation. 

When you want to boost the curb appeal of your property, contact Rhino Shield. We can match the current color of your home or give it a fresh, new look. Call us today to request an evaluation and estimate.


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