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Super Shield Elastomeric Roof Coatings Specialists To Protect Your Cincinnati Rooftops

Super shield elastomeric roof coatings

If you've ever thought that your roof doesn't need protection against the elements, think again! Especially here in Cincinnati where harsh weather like snow is inevitable, it's smart to protect your roof with Rhino Shield's Super Shield elastomeric roof coatings. Both residential and commercial businesses with sloped roofs can make use of this high-quality ceramic coating product. Super Shield elastomeric roof coatings are engineered to form a rubber-like membrane on your roof's surface to keep out water while flexing with changes in temperature as well as building movement. Unlike other Rhino Shield products, this roof coating doesn't require a separate primer because it offers superior adhesion to your shingles on its own, making it the ideal coating for any roof in Cincinnati. We also offer the Super Shield flat roof coating system for buildings with minimal slopes.

If you're interested in having Super Shield elastomeric roof coatings applied to your home or business roof, be sure to give the team at Rhinoshield a call. We have the training as well as the tools and techniques needed to apply this coating with precision to your rooftop, performing the job safely and quickly to get you the best results possible. Your roof will thank you for choosing to protect it with Rhino Shield roof coatings!

Protecting Roofs With Superior Elastomeric Roof Coating

Your roof shingles are built tough enough to endure the elements for a time, but re-roofing is a common service that is only getting more expensive to perform. If your shingles don't last as long as you thought they would without the right protection, you could end up paying thousands for a roof replacement service. Do yourself and your wallet a favor by choosing Super Shield elastomeric roof coatings for your roof in Cincinnati. This Rhino Shield product offers a myriad of benefits for your home, including:

  • 10-year warranty
  • Prevents shingle granule loss
  • Extends your roof life
  • Resists staining, mildew, & mold
  • Lowers roof surface temperature
  • Passes ASTM cold weather flexibility test

It also adheres perfectly to a variety of surfaces, including aluminum, slate, asphalt, clay tile, and many more roofing substrates. When you want to make sure your roof looks great and lasts as long as possible, Rhino Shield's Super Shield elastomeric roof coatings are your number one choice.

Enhance Your Exteriors With Rhino Shield

Finding a reliable team to help you out with exterior house painting in Cincinnati is easy when you've got help from the team at Rhinoshield. As a certified dealer of Rhino Shield products, we've got the knowledge and skill to apply any number of ceramic coatings to your home, from primers to ceramic elastomeric top coats. Your home's exteriors will look better for longer with the addition of Rhino Shield products-- guaranteed!