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Rhino Shield Primers To Prepare Your Cincinnati Exteriors For Coating

Rhino shield primers

Before any exterior painting job can begin, a primer must be applied to the prospective surface. If you're looking to have our ceramic coatings applied to your home or business in Cincinnati, you have to start with a Rhino Shield primer. All primers are designed to prepare a surface to be painted so the application will be smooth and the product will last longer and look better. Rhino Shield primers do this too, but just like their ceramic elastomeric top coat counterparts, they stand out from other conventional paint primers. They are engineered alongside other Rhino Shield coatings to give you the best results possible when applied by a dealer like us.

When you work with Rhinoshield for your exterior house painting project, you're working with a customer service-oriented company with your best interests in mind. We want your home or business exteriors to be something you love looking at every day, and our ceramic coatings can make them so! But before any other step can be taken, the Rhino Shield primers must be applied first, and we're excited to do this for you.

First Step In The Rhino Shield Process

Here at Rhinoshield, we've been trained and certified in the application of Rhino Shield's variety of ceramic coating products. There's a lot more that goes into this process than just putting paint on a brush and getting to work, and that's why not just anyone can apply Rhino Shield products!

The process of applying these ceramic coatings is an important one, and the first step is applying Rhino Shield primers. There are four primers for you to choose from depending on your specific needs:

  • Adhesive Primer: Our proprietary primer, this product dries to form a waterproof membrane on the surface to be painted and becomes a part of the substrate, creating the perfectly primed surface for a coating to be applied.
  • Elastomeric Primer: This primer is the go-to product for wood surfaces in changing climates. It creates a flexible, breathable layer on the surface to be painted.
  • Cement Board Primer: The CPB is a latex-based, high-resin formula designed to seal and condition porous cement board siding, stucco, and block.
  • Rust Inhibitor: When you want to stay as green as possible with your exterior paint and coatings, the red oxide primer is for you. It is water-based and can be applied directly to metal.

Cincinnati's Skilled & Certified Rhino Shield Team

There's only one name to trust when it comes to exterior house painting for Cincinnati, and that's Rhinoshield. We've got the knowledge of Rhino Shield products alongside extensive industry experience that makes us the area's pros for the application of these products, including Rhino Shield primers. When you're ready to experience all of the benefits that these ceramic coatings can offer your home or business, give us a call!