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Commercial Ceramic Coatings In Cincinnati: An Excellent Alternative To Traditional Exterior Paint Products

Commercial ceramic coatings

Here at Rhinoshield, we don't just provide Rhino Shield coatings for homes in Cincinnati-- we also provide commercial ceramic coatings for businesses! All of the benefits these products offer can be utilized by commercial and even industrial structures. Rhino Shield products are made of innovative ceramic microspheres, which provide high heat resistance as well as protection from harsh UV rays. Can your traditional commercial paint say it offers these kinds of benefits?

Whether you own or manage a restaurant, a bar, a boutique, or even a power plant, Rhinoshield has a ceramic coating for you, from our ceramic elastomeric top coats to our high-quality primers. We are a certified dealer of Rhino Shield products, which means we are trained to apply them perfectly, every single time. With an expert application comes the 25-year warranty on this industry-changing product!

When you're ready to experience everything that Rhino Shield commercial ceramic coatings have to offer your business, be sure to call the team at Rhinoshield. We are the number one source of exterior house painting for Cincinnati as well as the most reliable applier of Rhino Shield.

Exterior Paint Alternative

If you're wondering what makes Rhino Shield's commercial ceramic coatings different from traditional paint, you're in the right place to find out! For starters, our coatings are made up of ceramic coating technology that was invented by NASA's predecessor, NACA. Made up of innovative ceramic microspheres, Rhino Shield coatings have a low breakage rate, low thermal conductivity, and a consistent shape that makes it easy for them to pack together and create a solid yet flexible shield on whatever surface they are applied to.

Traditional paint, on the other hand, uses cheap mineral products like calcium carbonate that provide a thin, weak coating that just can't stand up to the elements that your business endures each day. This leads to the breakdown of the paint, making it easier for painting contractors to keep being hired to reapply their products. So when you need a high-quality exterior coating for your business in Cincinnati, don't go for regular old paint! Make commercial ceramic coatings from Rhinoshield your first choice.

Call Our Pros For High-Quality Coatings

When you partner with Rhinoshield to apply Rhino Shield coatings on your business, you're guaranteeing yourself the best service and results in Cincinnati. We are experts in exterior house painting, and we can give you the same high-quality results for your business, too! Don't settle for inferior products or services when it comes to keeping your business in the best shape possible. Choose the best-- choose Rhino Shield.

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