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Ceramic Elastomeric Top Coats: Incredible Durable Coating System To Protect Your Cincinnati Home From The Elements

Ceramic elastomeric top coats

Rhino Shield's ceramic elastomeric top coats are the signature coating systems we offer here at Rhinoshield. Homes and businesses alike in Cincinnati love this product because it is engineered to last longer than conventional paints and hold strong against elements like UV rays, extreme cold, rain, and wind. Our 2- or 3-coat systems use this top coat, which is made up of ceramic microspheres that can endure all climates and conditions. Perhaps one of the best qualities of our ceramic elastomeric top coats is that they reduce the temperature of your exterior walls, making it easier and cheaper to heat and cool your home. Who can argue with utility savings?

This product is a 100% acrylic waterborne, latex-based coatings with a high-build formula that both beautifies and protects every surface it is applied to. After dozens of lab and field tests, Rhino Shield has combined elastomeric acrylic resin with urethane resin to create a high-quality coating that flexes with temperature changes and offers chemical and impact resistance that other paints just can't match up to! If you'd like to experience all of these benefits (and more!) for your home or business, be sure to make Rhinoshield the name you call first. We can't wait to show you why Rhino Shield's ceramic elastomeric top coats are the best exterior house painting option in Cincinnati!

Durable Finish Home Coating

When you paint your home, you want it to look good and last long. Most paints on the market can offer you a look you love but more often than not, that look doesn't last. The elements can take quite a toll on your exterior paint, causing it to crack, peel, and fade over time. With a ceramic elastomeric top coat from Rhino Shield, you can say goodbye to all of those things! This product exceeds industry standards, making it the superior choice for exterior house painting in Cincinnati. The rubber-like ceramic shield that is created upon application becomes a part of your home's surface, protecting it from things like mold, mildew, and algae. Not to mention it can also be tinted to 1,500 different colors, making it easy to make creative choices that will make your home stand out from the rest!

Giving Cincinnati Homeowners The Choices They Want

Along with the long list of practical benefits that our ceramic elastomeric top coats provide, this product is also highly customizable. As we mentioned before, your Rhino Shield coatings can be tinted to any color you wish-- even to match other colors around your home. You can use our color choice paint visualizer to see exactly what will work for your home. It can also be manipulated to create a matte or satin finish, depending on your unique tastes. No matter what you want from our team at Rhinoshield, we've got a product for you from Rhino Shield.

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