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Rhino Shield Products: The Right Choice For Superior Cincinnati Exterior & Interiors Coatings


When you want a protective, high-quality alternative to conventional paint for your home or business in Cincinnati, you should know that Rhino Shield products are the answer. Rhinoshield is a proud dealer of Rhino Shield ceramic coatings to those who want a coating system that will do more than paint ever will. That's why we say that all of our primers and coating systems are "not paint." Because they do things that paint just can't. With Rhino Shield products, you'll never have to repaint or touch up your home or business ever again. They're designed to outlast paint and even come with a 25-year warranty. That's right-- Rhino Shield products are guaranteed to last up to 25 years with the proper application by a certified dealer.

Interested in Rhino Shield coatings for your property? Rhinoshield is glad to be the top-rated source of exterior house painting for Cincinnati, and we can't wait to show you the durability and beauty of Rhino Shield products. Call us today or keep reading to learn more about our variety of products:

Rhino Shield Primers

You can't apply high-quality coatings without a high-quality primer! Our Rhino Shield primers prepare your surface for application so superior adhesion can occur, making the next steps easy and quick.

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Ceramic Elastomeric Top Coats

Whether you want it for your home or your business, our elastomeric top coats will give your exteriors the protection they need from the elements as well as added beauty and strength. You can choose from 1,500 colors to find the perfect one for you.

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Super Shield Elastomeric Roof Coatings

Your roof needs just as much protection as your siding, if not more! Rhino Shield's roof coatings provide unmatched thermal insulation and reflectivity to save you money on utility bills.

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Nature's Cote Ceramic Indoor Painting

Rhinoshield is proud to offer indoor painting options, too. You can get all of the benefits of our exterior coatings for your interior as well with Nature's Cote Ceramic Indoor Painting.

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Commercial Ceramic Coatings

Your business deserves all of the same benefits that Rhino Shield products offer homes in Cincinnati. Our products will protect and beautify your commercial surfaces so you can keep drawing in customers and making your bottom line a priority.

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