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Top Benefits Of A Quality Exterior Paint Job

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All homes will require exterior painting at some point in their lifespan to refresh the look of the facade and help protect against the elements. It doesn’t matter if the home has a wood, metal, or vinyl exterior; each kind fades, can become discolored, or experiences peeling over time. Hiring an inexpensive painting team or general handyman can refresh the facade temporarily, but if they do not adequately prepare and prime the surface or use a strong elastomeric paint, homeowners will be right back where they started in a matter of a few short years.

A Trusted Name in the Painting Industry

Rhino Shield has been providing the residents of Cincinnati & Dayton, OH as well as Louisville & Lexington, KY with expert exterior home painting for over twenty-four years. Their highly-durable paint formula provides a beautiful, unblemished coating that lasts for decades without any touch-ups or reapplications. Homeowners can trust in this experienced and well-trained team to provide a service that brings new life to their home’s facade and protects it from the fluctuating Midwestern elements.

Don’t Take the Cheap Route 

Painting a home’s exterior requires specialized outdoor paint, formulated to withstand the heat, humidity, rain, hail, and sleet found around the northern Kentucky state line. Although some homeowners might opt for exterior paint from the local home improvement store because the cost is appealing, the application may weather and discolor within a few years. This is why Rhino Shield has created an elastomeric ceramic-based product that is both resistant to storms and the sun’s rays while also breathable against the effects of expansion and contraction.

Receive Honest and Straight-forward Pricing

A complete exterior painting can range substantially based upon square footage. Fortunately, top companies like Rhino Shield offer a free estimate service to provide homeowners with an upfront cost that details the labor and materials necessary for the project. The estimate also allows the customer to make any changes they require to fit the cost into their available budget. The Rhino Shield team will do everything we can to ensure that customers receive the best value for their money without having to make significant cuts.

Taking an In-Depth Look at the Project

When the team arrives to start the project, they will inspect the surface to find any imperfections that require repair. Damaged siding gets replaced, loose boards firmed up, deteriorating paint receives a scraping, all small holes and cracks caulked, and masking is affixed. An adhesive primer is then applied to create a waterproof seal that the finishing coat can bond to. The primer kills any organic material attempting to grow on the surface and helps eliminate potential mold. 

Leaving No Stone Unturned

After the prep work is complete, the ceramic top-coat is slowly sprayed over the service to provide a thick, protective layer. Any areas inaccessible to the spray are rolled or brushed on by hand. Once this coat is in place, the painters will touch up tight spaces and ornamental areas to ensure that every square inch of the surface is completely covered. Anything left untouched can create an opening for deterioration, something the team is determined to prevent.

Customer Approved Curb Appeal

Following a specific drying time, the team will clean up all materials and waste from the site. A representative will then inspect the project with the customer present to ensure that everything is fully-coated and the homeowner is 100% satisfied with the job.