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7 Signs It’s Time To Repaint The Exterior Of Your Home

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A home is a man’s castle until it requires a new exterior paint job. Suddenly things change, and the outside facade no longer holds the same appeal that it once had. If it’s been more than five to ten years, the chances are that the color has become washed out, and any exposed wood is now vulnerable to the elements.

A good rule of thumb is to look for signs that it’s time to reapply exterior paint, including fading, peeling, exposed wood, caulking that is pulling away or has hardened over time, and bubbled or flaking paint. Perhaps it’s just been way too long since the outside surface had paint applied, or maybe there’s a desire for a new color scheme.

Fading Paint is Unattractive

The aesthetic appeal of a home begins with its outside appearance. As paint ages, it fades and may even change color, such as red turning a pink tone. Dark colors turn faster than lighter tones, but all paint changes over time. A fresh coat can liven it up and make a home the stand-out property it once was. If painting is not something a homeowner wants to do frequently, some products last longer than regular paint, such as Rhino Shield.

Peeling Paint Exposes the Underneath Surface

Old paint is subject to peeling, leaving the underneath surface exposed to the elements and pests. It’s best to paint before this occurs for maximum exterior protection.

Paint Erosion Leaves the Substructure Vulnerable

Exposed wood tends to decay quickly and requires replacing it if the damage is severe. A weekend of home painting is far less expensive than waiting until an exposed surface necessitates repairs.

If the Caulk is Old, Chances Are It’s Time to Paint

Exterior painting and caulking go hand-in-hand. If the exterior caulk is brittle, hard, chipping, or just plain old, it’s time to remove it and redo it. Exterior paint may show signs of aging too, so it’s a good idea to refresh it while applying new caulk. 

Scrape Away Bubbled or Flaking Paint 

Remove damaged paint spots before applying a fresh coat of paint. Failure to do so may result in the paint not adhering correctly.  

How Long Has It Been?

Time takes a toll on a painted surface. A new coat of paint can improve curb appeal and increase property value. Check out for an alternative to regular paint.

It’s Time to Change Things Up

There’s nothing more satisfying than changing up a home’s landscape. New paint colors on a home can add drama and liven up a dated look. 

There is an Alternative to Regular Paint

Rhino Shield serves customers in Cincinnati & Dayton, OH, and Louisville & Lexington, KY. Our elastomeric material bonds to any substrate and comes with a 25-year warranty. It reduces energy costs, is green certified, and has endless color options to satisfy individual tastes. 

Regular exterior paint lasts for about five to seven years on wood surfaces and about three years on aluminum. An elastomeric ceramic-based coating has a paint-like finish, but it’s eight to ten times thicker and more durable over time. It provides a higher level of protection when compared to ordinary paint. On exterior surfaces, it requires less maintenance, resists fading, and provides a breathable waterproof barrier that’s environmentally friendly.