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15 Of The Best Trending Exterior Home Paint Colors

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A home’s exterior creates the first impression for visitors and passers-by alike, so homeowners should prioritize keeping the house looking its best. Families planning to repaint their homes in 2022 should also take the time to learn about this year’s hottest trends before choosing exterior paint colors.

Going Dark

This year’s top colors trend towards the dark side. Most of them are complex, modern, and pair well with either light or copper-colored trim. Darker hues are perfect for cooler climates because they absorb the sun and can help to keep homes warm in the winter. They’re also appropriate for well-shaded homes in warm to moderate climates, but are not a good fit for homeowners in warm areas with bright, sunny lots.

Leading options in this category include:

  • Stonecutter
  • Black Beauty
  • Iron Ore
  • Caviar
  • Anonymous

It’s important to create contrast when using darker hues, but don’t feel boxed in by conventions. Some of the colors listed above look just as amazing with near-black accents as they do with classic white trim.

Embracing Nature

Homeowners across the United States have been embracing nature in totally new ways in the past few years. Some have added natural wood flooring or furniture to their living rooms. Others have taken up caring for houseplants or have purchased nature-themed paintings and accents.

There’s no reason for nature themes to end at the front door. With the right colors, exterior home painting services can create a beautiful, well-integrated design for the outside of the home that also embraces this trend. 

Try colors like:

  • Aegean Olive
  • Black Forest Green
  • Midsummer’s Night
  • Deep River
  • Ocean Floor

When working with earth tones, the key to creating a unified vision is to look to nature. Try pairing light to dark brown trim or even stained-wood accents with green shades and stone accents or light grays with blues. The results will look stunning set in a variety of landscapes.

Lighten Up

Homeowners living in cool climates have been embracing the dark side, but that’s simply not an appropriate solution for houses located in warm, sunny spots. Instead, homeowners in this position have been embracing light shades that create a unique, harmonious look and hold up better to sun exposure.

Some of 2022’s favorite lighter shades include:

  • Classic Gray
  • Dorian Gray
  • Dried Thyme
  • Gray Area
  • Sussex Green

Lighter shades are most popular in desert climates like those found in the Southwest, but they’re just as appropriate for other areas of the country. Choosing the right trim colors to go with light shades is largely a matter of considering the surrounding landscape, though most homeowners opt to create contrast with darker accents.

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